Supersubmarina – Viento de cara

Que cada vez que te vuelva a mirar me resulte mas fácil morir que obligarme a decir la verdad.       Us heu sentit mai com John Boy? Jo sí: ahir. Ahir vaig convertir-me en John Boy. La sensació de... Seguir leyendo →


Read my lips – Fuel Fandango

Just one thing, read my lips. Tell me if you want to know the truth in me. Now I can tell you dear, because I'm getting old and I'm getting strong. I'm going to tell you something, you have to read my lips,... Seguir leyendo →

Let your heart hold fast – Fort Atlantic

To believe I walk alone Is a lie that I've been told. Never fear! So let your heart hold fast for this soon shall pass, like the high tide takes the sand (there's another hill ahead) Cançons que t'arriben al cor,... Seguir leyendo →

I see fire – Ed Sheeran

And if we should die tonight, we should all die together; raise a glass of wine for the last time I see fire hollowing souls.

Safe and sound – Capital Cities

You could be my luck.

Tomorrow has to wait – Peter Bjorn and John

It's too late, but tomorrow has to wait. It's the time of your life, so tomorrow has to wait. Tonight's the night, and tomorrow is a million miles away.

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